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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 17, 2009 8:11:41 AM(UTC)

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hi all

i was just wondering what are the commands of the game?

#2 Posted : Tuesday, November 17, 2009 8:33:19 AM(UTC)

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Hey there Smile

There are many commands and here is a list, that I think it is complete...Anxious
Try type in chat box:

/dance_modern01 (until)27
/fall >>for men only
/juggle + /sleep >> just for men
/cage >> just for women

/cage_dance 0-3 >> just for women
/catwalk or /cat >for women only

/kneel >> /rise ( to cancel)
/entice >> /rise ( to cancel)
frustrated or /fr
/gesture or /ge

To cancel a command:

juggle, skate, hulahoop you have to type again the same command.

cancel hug and kisse just move avatar with arrows
kneel and entice >>type /rise

Also in top left of the window there is a bar that you can personalize with your favorites commands. They are not all there.

For special commands....that is secret but u are welcome to message me Wink Wink Wink
#3 Posted : Tuesday, November 17, 2009 8:58:31 AM(UTC)

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Commands in RLC#1
Usefull commands in RLC....try them and have fun...hehe
Hmmm....here're some usefull commands you can use..

/a --for attitude
/afk --(away from keyboard)to make yourself transparent to show you are away. Type again for normal
/bl --to randomly "blow kiss to fans" or "blow kiss straight".
/bo --to bow
/cat --to do 2 random catwalks (females only). More specifics below!
/cag --to do 4 random cage dances (females only). More specifics below!
/cl --to clap
/co --for confused
/d --for brief and random dances, anywhere your not on a dance floor. More specifics Below!
/dr --to randomly drink "standing" or "sitting"
/drop --to drop an object that's in your hand.
/ea --to eat a mushroom (mushrooms are very small).
/entice *first, then* /rise -- to fondle yourself. Then stand up
/fa --to fall backwards and stand up again (male only)
/fr --for frustration
/g --to do a both hands waving off, gesture
/ha --to happy dance
/he --to touch your heel
/hol --to hold an invisible drink
/hoo --to smoke invisible pipe
/hu --to hula hoop, briefly
/hug --to invite someone to hug you
/hu --to hula hoop, briefly
/hulahoop --to hula hoop. (click "customize" then click "dont change" to stop)
/i --for random musical instruments
/j --to juggle, briefly
/juggle *first, then* /sleep--to sleep (click "customize" then click "dont change" to stop)
/kiss --to invite someone to kiss you
/kneel *first, then* /rise --to kneel with your hands behind your back.Then stand up
/l --to look around
/n --to shake your head, no
/poi --to point
/pol --for a polite bow
/ra --to randomly take a "pill" or smoke, an invisible "joint"
/re --to reach.
/sip --to sip an invisible drink and wobble as if drunk
/sk --to simulate, crashing into something while skating
/skate --to put skates on so you can skate (certain areas dont apply)
/sm --to smack your ass
/t --to do a thumbs-up
/u --to act upset
/wa --to wave
/wh --for a whoop-de-do gesture with your hand
/yel --to act like you're yelling or whispering. It's
/yes --to shake your head, yes

/d--to do 27 random dance moves.

/dance_modern00 *through* /dance_modern29 --to do all the different specific dance moves. find the ones you like!

Male Dance Moves:

00 Throw Ur Hands
01 The Travolta
02 Twister
03 Kneeling
04 Poppin
05 Side Swish
06 Around The World
07 Frantic
08 Bouncen'rnd
09 Hippy Shake
10 The Snake
11 Gettn Groovy
12 Frat Boy
13 HeadSpins
14 Russian
15 Roundhouse
16 Snake Arms
17 Line Dance
18 Spin Break
19 Hip Shaker
20 Gettin it
21 The Mime
22 The KickSquad
23 Air Guitar
24 Gone Nuts
25 Overhead
26 Skater Spin
27 Robot

Female Dance Moves:

00 The Marcarena
01 The Hand Slide
02 Hip Rotation
03 Bounce Around
04 The Matrix
05 The Swan
06 Snake Arms
07 Getting it
08 The Mantle
09 Spin Round
10 Shake that thing
11 Wave in Motion
12 Pop n Lock
13 The Worm
14 Ballet
15 Around
16 Hop Scotch
17 Kiss the floor
18 OverHead
19 The Rockette
20 Tourist
21 The Swim
22 Saturday Night Fever
23 Ballet 2
24 Hop Scotch2
25 The Chicken
26 Hop Hokey Pokey
27 Indian
28 Karate Kid
29 Ballet Wave

/c--to do 4 random cage dances or 2 random catwalks.

To do all the different secific cage dances:
/cage_dance0 - pole-dancing
/cage_dance1 - stripper
/cage_dance2 - club
/cage_dance3 - table-dance/lapdancing

To do the different secific catwalks:

You can use emotes in the text chat to animate you avatar:
:-) = smile
Cheesy = grin
:-P = tongue
:-( = frowns
>:-( = angry
>:-) = devil
Undecided = disappointed
;-) = wink
<_< >_> = shifty
o_O o_O = surprised
_!_ = middle finger
lol = laugh
rofl = laugh even harder


ENTER KEY: to get the cursor in your chat box or out of it

/ with cursor outside your chat box, let you view your avatar from the front; / again = normal view

- to make a print screen of your screen, in General chat the name is shown, just to you

= to get rid of the chat text and all buttons, nice for print screens; = again to get everything back

TAB: --to go from one chat tab to the next, handy when having private message screens

PageUp: --lets you look up
PageDown: --let you look down
Home: --resets your view
Ctrl: --switches between running and walking

TO HUG OR KISS: --right click on the person and select either hug or kiss

IN FLYING ZONE: Ctrl: --lets you fly and stop flying, X: lets you shoot a missile

TO SWIM: --once in the water, hold down your left click on the mouse and move your mouse/

Command in RLC#2

You can animate your avatar by using the following codewords. It will even work in most sentences using a codeword. You just type the codeword in the chat box and hit enter (return).

smile = Avatar will smile.
lol = Avatar will appear to laugh as well as trigger laugh sound..
rofl = Avatar will appear to laugh, drop to floor, as well as trigger laugh sound.
wink = Avatar will wink.
grin = Avatar will grin.
tongue = Avatar will stick out its tongue.
frown = Avatar will frown.
angry = Avatar will appear to be angry.
devil = Avatar will give devil sign.
shifty = Avatar will appear shifty.
suprised = Avatar will appear to be suprised.
_!_ = Avatar will flip the finger.
<3 = Avatar motions and lips "I love You"

Line commands are entered in your chat box. All of these commands are proceeded by a / (forward slash). To offer a kiss to someone you would type /kiss then hit enter (return). You can even abbreviate some of the commands, like /i works for instrument. But /ye will randomly return yes or yell.

Here are a list of commands:

/drink = Avatar will sit and drink.
/yes = Avatar will shake head up and down.
/no = Avatar will shake head side to side.
/blowkisstofans = Avatar will blow kisses to crowd.
/confused = Avatar will show a confused look.
/holdglass = Avatar will appear to hold beer mug.
/hookah = Avatar will appear to be smoking hookah
/wave = Avatar will wave.
/bow = Avatar will bow.
/politebow = Avatar will perform a polite bow.
/point = Avatar will point its finger.
/yell = Avatar will appear to yell, really looks like a whisper to me.
/whoopie = Avatar will appear to say whoopie.
/clap = Avatar will clap hands.
/happy = Avatar will appear to be very happy.
/upset = Avatar will appear to be upset.
/heel = Avatar will grab its heel.
/attitude = Avatar will appear to have an attitude.
/bullride = Avatar will ride the mechanical bull.
/frustrated = Avatar will appear to be frustrated.
/gesture = Avatar will gesture.
/look = Avatar will look up around.
/lookaround = Avatar will down and around.
/reachglass = Avatar will appear to reach for glass.
/sip = Avatar will to take a drink. Also appears drunk.
/rave = Avatar will eat pill, sometimes smoke a joint.
/smack = Avatar will smack its ass.
/thumb = Avatar will show thumbs up.
/eat = Avatar will appear to eat something.
/fall = Avatar will fall backwards and stand back up. For Men Only.
/hug = Invite someone to hug you.
/kiss = Invite someone to kiss you.
/blowkiss = Avatar will blow kiss.
/skate = Puts on roller skates. The same command takes them off.
/sk = Used while skating, makes your avatar fall down.
/juggle = Will start and then stop juggling.
/sleep = Works only while juggling, and for men only. Avatar will fall on back. Arrow keys allow movement. /juggle ends sleep and returns to juggling. A second /juggle will end juggling.
/hulahoop = A hulahoop will appear and avatar will use it. Repeat to stop.
/kneel = Avatar will kneel down. /rise to stand.
/entice = Avatar will sit and carress itself. /rise to stand.
/rise = Will end kneeling and enticing.
/afk = Will ghost your avatar. This tells other players you are "away from keyboard". Repeat to end ghosting.
/instrument = A random musical instrument will appear.
/cat = Avatar will do a random catwalk. For Women only.
/catwalk0 = Avatar will do catwalk 0. For Women only.
/catwalk1 = Avatar will do catwalk 1. For Women only.
/cage = Avatar will do a random cage dance. For Women only.
/cage_dance0 Avatar will do cage dance 0. For Women only.
/cage_dance1 Avatar will do cage dance 1. For Women only.
/cage_dance2 Avatar will do cage dance 2. For Women only.
/cage_dance3 Avatar will do cage dance 3. For Women only.
/dance = Avatar will do a random modern dance.
/dance_modern00 Dance for Women: The Macarena. For Men: Throw Ur Hands
/dance_modern01 Dance for Women: The Hand Slide. For Men: The Travolta

/dance_modern02 Dance for Women: Hip Rotation. For Men: Twister
/dance_modern03 Dance for Women: Bounce Around. For Men: Kneeling
/dance_modern04 Dance for Women: The Matrix. For Men: Poppin
/dance_modern05 Dance for Women: Ballet 2. For Men: Side Swish
/dance_modern06 Dance for Women: Snake Arms. For Men: Around The World
/dance_modern07 Dance for Women: Getting It. For Men: Frantic
/dance_modern08 Dance for Women: The Mantle. For Men: Bouncen'rnd
/dance_modern09 Dance for Women: Spin Around. For Men: Hippy Shake
/dance_modern10 Dance for Women: Shake That Thing. For Men: The Snake
/dance_modern11 Dance for Women: Wave In Motion. For Men: Gettn Groovy
/dance_modern12 Dance for Women: Pop N Lock. For Men: Frat Boy
/dance_modern13 Dance for Women: The Worm. For Men: HeadSpins
/dance_modern14 Dance for Women: Ballet. For Men: Russian
/dance_modern15 Dance for Women: Around The World. For Men: Roundhouse
/dance_modern16 Dance for Women: Hop Scotch. For Men: Snake Arms
/dance_modern17 Dance for Women: Kiss The Floor. For Men: Line Dance
/dance_modern18 Dance for Women: Overhead. For Men: Spring Break
/dance_modern19 Dance for Women: The Rockette. For Men: Hip Shaker
/dance_modern20 Dance for Women: Tourist. For Men: Gettin it
/dance_modern21 Dance for Women: The Swim. For Men: The Mime
/dance_modern22 Dance for Women: Saturday Night Fever. For Men: The KickSquad
/dance_modern23 Dance for Women: The Swan. For Men: Air Guitar
/dance_modern24 Dance for Women: Hop Scotch 2. For Men: Gone Nuts
/dance_modern25 Dance for Women: The Chicken. For Men: Overhead
/dance_modern26 Dance for Women: Hop Hokey Pokey. For Men: Skater Spin
/dance_modern27 Dance for Women: Indian. For Men: Robot
/dance_modern28 Dance for Women only: Karate Kid.
/dance_modern29 Dance for Women only: Ballet Wave.

Thats it Smile

Have fun!!!!
Long Live Robin Hood!

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#4 Posted : Tuesday, November 17, 2009 9:17:48 AM(UTC)

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By the way i have a question too...

About the /instrument command...

There is a longer and complete command of the instruement if you want to play a specific instrument....and not the random one...If you copy and keep pasting in RLC chat u are almost playing non stop that instrument.

However...i pretty much forgot how to type them. It is something like /instrument_playp Anxious Cry

Anyone knows this???

Thanks Cheesy
#5 Posted : Tuesday, November 17, 2009 9:27:18 AM(UTC)

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Funny commands Wink

If you have the /sit command in the quickbar top left you can make a cool trick with it.
Please make sure you have the superjump checked in your settings

1) Click outside chat
2) position your mouse in the sit icon ( but do not click yet)
3) press space bar
4) while you are in air click fast the sit icon
5) now u are sitting in the air
6) type /sleep
7) You can make almost all commands now

If you want to dance with your partner in the air....you have to start the invitation and he will go up with you Smile

To go back to earth lol type /stand

Note: I think the male avatar only can sit.....not sure if they can dance in the air. Undecided
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